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My mission is to redefine wealth and legacy strategies for everyday Americans through education and empowerment so the next generation can overcome limiting circumstances.

Our Primary Purpose

Today isn’t promised, but tomorrow can be. Are you concerned about how your children will manage the assets you pass down?

Take a deep breath, the new approach to family financial planning is here. Anyone can create generational wealth. First-generation inheritances typically don’t last longer than 10 years. Work with me to make educated decisions today to help future generations. Create a plan to help your family protect and carry on your family legacy for decades to come.  

  • Are you still in your earning years?
  • Have you ever looked at a neighbor or co-worker and thought 'how did they get so lucky?'

It’s not luck. They just had a plan, and you can do that too. I see personal finances as a form of self-care and invite you to advocate for your own journey towards personal financial success. Step by step, you can accomplish your goals and dreams with my guidance.

  • Are you ready to do the work to push past negative money beliefs?
  • Are you tired of being in the scarcity mindset, and ready to make a change?

I can help.

I combine tried and true fundamentals of investment management along with tailored planning strategies, all while staying aligned with your personal values. Prefer to manage your own investments but need guidance? I can meet you where you are and provide a range of services. Contact me today to find out how to get started.

When I'm not having a great time engaging with my clients, I can be found hiking, paddle boarding, enjoying adventure sports, sailing, and going on road trips with my dogs. I live in Seattle with my two dogs, Tux and Sophie.

Get right to the heart of the matter

I provide financial clarity through education and discovery of your attitudes, beliefs and habits so you can feel confident you are making the right choices with your money.  

Client Centered

Create a plan to help your family stay aligned and carry on your financial legacy for decades to come. I provide:

  • Investment management
  • Asset protection
  • Retirement planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Education Planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Financial Education
  • Identify negative money patterns
  • Ongoing, personalized monitoring

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